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Celebrating the Life of Brandon Pitzer

Brandon Pitzer fought an impressive battle against Leukemia.  He crammed a lot of living into the year following his bone marrow transplant (sometimes against doctor’s orders!) managing to travel, shoot a black bear in Maine and to graduate college, not too mention all the time he found for hunting, fishing and friends.  He never complained but endured horribly difficult circumstances with a positive outlook and incredible strength. So inspired by Brandon, who lost his battle on July 26, 2010, at the age of 25, we are continuing his fight against cancer.  So far, with great support from friends, family and the whole community we have raised over $15,000 for the Patient Care Fund  of the Western PA Cancer Institute (WPCI):, $50,000 for cancer research through the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society and $3,000 in scholarships.  With the help of Brandon’s favorite doctor, Dr. Rossetti, Associate Director of the Cell Transplantation Program at WPCI we are able to get the funds directly into cancer research and cancer patient care where they can be used most efficiently to make the biggest impact, not a cent wasted.  By working together we can fund cancer research to make advances!  With advances, we hope and pray that other people’s battles with cancer can be easier and maybe their family and friends won’t have to miss them like crazy and feel the big hole that only they can fill. 

The 5th Annual Brandon Pitzer Memorial Golf Outing is October 4, 2014!
This is a big year for us as we are striving to hit the $100,000 mark!

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